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In terms of the Constitution of the NZMPA, any financial member of the Association is eligible for election to the Executive which consists of a minimum of five members.  Members serve for two years and are eligible for a further two year term after which they must be replaced on the Executive.  The term of office of the President is two years with the right of re-election for a further two-year term.  The Executive takes office from the close of the Annual General Meeting where they are elected to the next Annual General Meeting.
The Executive meets and acts as required to manage the Association and can appoint such committees as it sees fit to assist in the running of the NZMPA.
Daniel Harvey (President)
Richard Hopkins
Duncan Reid
Daniel O'Brien
Cathy Chapple
Maarama Davis

Richard Ellis (Ad-hoc member and IFOMPT Representative)
The Excutive also appoints an Executive Officer to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association.  The current Executive Officer is Ingrid du Toit, assisted by Sue Davenport.
The Executive has established an Education Committee which meets annually in August to discuss the status of training and to plan the courses for the following year.

The current Education Committee consists of:
Duncan Reid (Chairperson and Lead Tutor)
Michael Monaghan (Lead Tutor)
Steve White (Lead Tutor)
Kirsten Davie (Practitioners)
Jill Caldwell (AUT)
Steve Tumilty (Otago)
Richard Ellis (IFOMPT Representative)
A Conference Organising Committee, whose membership is voluntary, has been established to take responsibility for organising and running the biennial NZMPA conference, including selecting the conference topic and programme, as well as securing international speakers.
The current Conference Organising Committee consists of:
Monique Baigent (Chairperson)
Daniel Harvey
Daniel O'Brien
Daniel Ribeiro
Dusty Quinn
Anna McDonnell
Duncan Reid
Steve White