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COMT 2023 courses will be taught across eight two-day weekend courses, with courses being held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

A course participant will complete Cervical Spine and Upper Quartile or Lumbar Spine and Lower Quartile weekends in sequence, and can complete COMT all in a calendar year, or take up to five years to complete all course components.

Complete all eight weekend modules to gain your COMT from NZMPA.

COMT is available to NZMPA members only.

COMT Course Price is $525.00 incl GST per weekend.

Booking four or more courses at one time? NZMPA offer a multi-course rate for participants undertaking four or more courses (in the calendar year) of $450.00 incl GST per course. These courses will need to be booked and paid for in advance. Note that any cancellations of the multi-course bookings will result in requiring the difference of each course to be paid.

Any queries, or more information regarding multi-course rates please contact the NZMPA office

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Cervical Spine & Upper Quartile

2023 Location – Wellington




Upper quartile modules 1, 2, and 3 are to be completed before Review plus Thoracic.

Lumbar Spine & Lower Quartile

2023 Locations: Auckland and Christchurch 



Low Back Pain Part 1 must be completed before undertaking Low Back Pain Part 2.

All three lower quartile modules are to be completed before Review plus Foot & Ankle.

HVT Review & Update

2023 Location: Auckland



HVT UPDATE + Review is a one day course that can be completed at the conclusion of the other eight COMT weekends or a standalone for previous Dip MT, PGD and COMT course members. Available for NZMPA members and non-members.

Cervical Manipulation is a restricted activity with the HPCA, to be performed only by Physiotherapists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Osteopaths. A second component of the HPCA is the requirement to maintain your competence in these areas. Weekend 9 of the COMT Programme is designed to allow participants to further advance their skills in the area of HVT to the neck but also other spinal and peripheral joints. Whilst there has been revision in the other weekends of these techniques, this weekend allows the participants to peak their knowledge and skills.

This one-day course should ideally be done every few years to remain up to date.

COMT 2023 Calendar

NZMPA’s COMT is a member-only programme. Rates below are for NZMPA members only.

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