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Cervical Spine & Upper Quartile

Weekend 3: Elbow, Wrist & Hand







Jill Caldwell / Richard Ellis

  • Elbow and Wrist/hand region – This workshop concentrates on the distal upper limb, from the elbow to the wrist/ hand region. The multifactorial causes of elbow and wrist pain will be discussed along with the evidence base for the assessment and management of common conditions in these areas.
  • Understanding peripheral nervous system dysfunction – This workshop will focus on the assessment and management of peripheral nervous system disorders.  Concepts such as neurodynamics and an integrated model of neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and biomechanics will underpin the clinical reasoning for the material covered.

Following Covid-19, the NZMPA Executive have determined that for the rest of 2020this course can be undertaken as a standalone course.

Ordinarily, The Cervical Spine and The Shoulder weekends are prerequisites for this course, and will need to be completed as part of the overall COMT programme in due course

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COMT is available to NZMPA members only, and an Early Bird Rate is available till midday Friday 4 weeks prior to the course (by 18/9/2020 for Auckland, 2/10/2020 for Wellington).

NZMPA Member Early Bird Rate is $320.00 incl GST / NZMPA Member Rate is $400.00 incl GST thereafter.

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The dates stated and schedule are provisional.

A minimum of 20 participants for each venue must be confirmed for course to take place, unless approved by NZMPA.