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Lumbar Spine and Lower Quartile

Weekend 8: Review + Foot & Ankle





Presented by: Daniel Sela

  • The Ankle, Foot and Achilles – The first day of this weekend is dedicated to the ankle and foot. Theoretical concepts regarding the biomechanics and functional anatomy of the ankle/foot will be covered, along with discussion of the relevance to the entire lower limb kinetic chain.  The relevant clinical presentations which are commonly associated with the ankle and foot will be discussed (in particular Achilles tendinopathy, ankle/foot ligament injury and stress fracture) within a clinical reasoning framework to aid differential diagnosis.
  • Lower Quartile Revision – The second day will provide a day for reflection on the learning acquired throughout the lumbo-sacral spine and lower quartile programme. Participants will be encouraged to bring relevant case studies along for discussion and analysis during this day.  A formative group ‘quiz’ will enable participants to gauge their learning through the programme.  This day will also include specific revision of lumbar and SIJ manual therapy techniques.

Christchurch 28 + 29 October 2023 – Book via PNZ Event Directory Here

Auckland 18 + 19 November 2023 – Book via PNZ Event Directory Here

Low Back Pain (Part 1) and Low Back Pain (Part 2) and Hip & Knee are prerequisites for this course.

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