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Lumbar Spine and Lower Quartile

Weekend 7: Hip & Knee








Steve White / Bronwyn Harman

  • The Hip – This day covers the assessment and management of hip pain. It includes screening for ‘Red Flag’ pathology, radiological imaging for the hip and identification of dysplastic hips (including FAI & CAM lesions).  Current understandings on pathologies such as labral tears, greater trochanteric pain, ‘piriformis’ syndrome and osteochondral lesion. The ‘state of the art’ regarding diagnostic tests for hip pathologies are presented
  • The Knee – This day covers the assessment and management of disorders of the knee. It includes screening for ‘Red Flag’ pathology and the place of medical imaging for the knee. The diagnostic utility of clinical tests will be covered as well as the latest research on rehabilitation for knee pathologies such as ACL injury, osteoarthritis, meniscal tears and patellofemoral pain. This day also covers practical skills for assessment and treatment of the knee.

NZMPA’s COMT Weekend 5: Low Back Pain (Part 1) and Weekend 6: Low Back Pain (Part 2) are a pre-requisites for this course.

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