Kim Bennell Pre-Conference Course

//Kim Bennell Pre-Conference Course
Kim Bennell Pre-Conference Course 2017-09-25T05:39:08+00:00

Osteoarthritis as a Chronic Disease – Patient-Centered, Evidence-Based Care

Thursday and Friday, 17 and 18 August 2017
9.00am – 5.00pm
Holiday Inn, Rotorua



What is OA? Disease process

Progression / trajectories

Clinical criteria for diagnosis

Risk factors and causes


Chronic pain– biological and psychological

Biopsychosocial approach

Evidence-based practice and clinical practice guidelines Diagnosis without imaging

Core treatments – exercise, weight loss, education

Psychological treatments




Alternative medicines and complementary therapies

Chronic pain, expectations and myth busting How pain works



Exercise treatment Strengthening exercises

Aerobic exercise

Other forms of exercise

Physical activity

Weight loss Relationship between overweight and OA

How to have the conversation

Effective strategies and treatments

Self-management support and behaviour change What is self-management

Patient-centred care and empowerment

Self-management programs

Patient education (what and how)

Health coaching and motivational interviewing

Adherence to exercise

Other behaviour change techniques

Implementation options Telephone coaching

Internet (Skype) delivery

Centralised support services