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I was asked to teach the spinal component of the then, NZMTA Dip M.T. programme, in 1985 and have been involved with it since then. I now concentrate on the cervical spine with input into the HVT requirements in the lumbar spine and foot.

My approach is largely osteopathic, as I practised as such for forty years, which means I approach a patient seeking to determine any dysfunction in their musculo- skeletal-neurological make up, as would any physiotherapist. My emphasis in diagnosis is placed on observation, movement and palpation, this would guide me in any treatment that may follow. This approach demands an extensive understanding of the structures presented to you and to integrate their function in your assessment, really an exercise in applied anatomy and physiology.

As such, I have been fascinated, and still am, in functional anatomy and its relevance to the patients whom we treat.

I have been privileged to work with physiotherapists over the years, and who have seen fit to grant me life membership of both PNZ and the NZMPA.