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The books listed below can be borrowed from the NZMPA.  A fee of $11.25 per item (excluding GST) is charged to cover the cost of postage.
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Brian Mulligan Self treatment for back, neck & limbs - A new approach, 2nd Edition, 
Brian Mulligan Manual Therapy - “NAGS’, ‘SNAGS’ MWMS”, etc – 4th Edition 
Brian Mulligan Manual Therapy - NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS, ETC, 5th Edition,  
David Butler The Sensitive Nervous System 
David Butler & Lorimer Moseley (kindly donated by NOI Group Publications) Explain Pain 
David H. Perrin Athletic Taping and Bracing, 2nd Edition 
Dr Stuart McGill Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance 
Dr Stuart McGill Low Back Disorders 
G.D. Maitland Peripheral Manipulation - 3rd Edition 
Jan Pool Neck pain: 'a pain in the neck'? 
Lorimer Moseley Painful Yarns 
Magee Orthopaedic Physical Assessment 
Manual Mobilization of the Extremity Joints (4th Edition 1989) Freddy Kaltenborn 
Mark Jones and Darren Rivett Clinical Reasoning for Manual Therapists 
Mark Laslett Dissertation – Diagnostic Accuracy of the Clinical Examination. Reference standards in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients 
Mark Laslett Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy – The Upper Limb 
M. Hood Preparation, Performance & Patch-UP, guide to Fitness Training & Injury Prevention 
Nikolai Bogduk Clinical Anatomy of Lumbar Spine and Sacrum (3rd edition) 
Phillip Beach Muscles and Meridians – The Manipulation of Shape 
Vleeming, Mooney, Dorman, Snidjers, Stoeckart Movement, Stability and Low Back Pain 
Showing 20 items